The Long Drive Academy Increase your golf driving distance from 30 to 50 yards off the tee. Is it Guaranteed? NO, NOT AT ALL! Please keep reading...

From the creators of Kung Fu Golf, we bring you the Long Drive Academy Course(TM) to increase your driving distance up to 50 yards off the tee. 18 easy-to-follow steps, presented in the exact order, and (finally!!!) written so the average golfer can understand (and then more importantly) apply to their OWN swing not the swing someone tried to shove down your throat!

The Long Drive Academy is one of two things: It's an ebook immediately available for download and if requested, it's a day of personal instruction.

This program is not pixy dust and "tricks." We won't insult your intelligence by making ridiculous golf claims of "40 new driving yards overnight" or "320 driving yards guaranteed!" The Long Drive Academy program to increase your golf driving distance is hard work, but it's something that can be accomplished by any golfer with a full time job and a family.. BY A REAL PERSON!

Unlike Kung Fu Golf, which takes incredible time and dedication in order to improve EVERY aspect of your golf game for a journey toward golf mastery, we understand that most people just don't have 30 hours a month (or much more) to devote to playing and practicing golf. So, if you don't have the time to master the TOTAL game of golf, learn to hit a MASSIVELY LONG DRIVE, and put the fun back in your golf game today.

Our Mission Statement: The Long Drive Academy believes improving your driving distance is easier than most people believe. The powers that be in the golf industry don't mind all of the confusion if it leads you to "take the easy way out" by spending $350 on a new driver and $49 on a box of golf balls! Will pulling out the gold card every year make you a long driving champion? Of course not.

Increase your golf driving distance and driving accuracy using the Long Drive Academy Course, then when you have time, tackle Kung Fu Golf. We promise to deliver simplicity instead of more confusion.